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  Software Development
Custom Software solution has taken a back seat in the glitz of the internet burst. Though requirements for custom solution for custom applications within an organization still exists. The recognition of the need for software solutions on orthodox platforms, database applications and other applications are diminishing due to the onslaught of the e-wave.

Although the software solutions needed by professionals in your organization are as significant as before, the managers are much enthusiastic about the e-solutions rather than implementing practical software solutions.

Identifying the need of the software solutions which shall increase efficiency of the operations and then designing and implementing such solutions are forte of our professionals.

Our experience on a wide range of technologies, packages and tools, helps us select the most appropriate solution for a specific customer requirement. At the same time, it also allows us to be flexible to mould our solution offerings to exactly match the customer’s existing systems, if any.

Depending on the specific client requirement, some of the most common solutions being offered by ECI today are based on n-Tier architecture, deploying either Sun Java/J2EE architecture or Microsoft .NET platform. This ensures increased performance, flexibility, maintainability, reusability, and scalability, while hiding the complexity of distributed processing from the user.

Our experienced system analysts and programmers work on your project from its conceptualization through and beyond its completion and implementation. We will manage the project engagement to ensure that the project remains on its intended course and within budget. It's easy to offer deployable systems and install them, but we will remain with you to insure that your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application. We also offer customized support contracts to meet most any need.

Application Development


This includes web based, client/server application development and enhancements to legacy applications

Migration and Customization


This includes: version upgrade services, database migration, re-engineering, functionality upgrades and porting



When presented with a list of needs, technical staff researches open source and commercial software solutions, which will save your valuable staff resources.



Technical staff can work within the parameters of a larger project to assist your staff or other outside consultants; be it maintenance programming or specific development



As a staff, we specialize in a wide range of programming languages (Java, JSP, C/C++, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net to name a few) and open source software.

OS Environment


Whenever possible, Real Time takes full advantage of Windows for the application environment because of it's reliability and flexibility.

Development Environment


For the highest quality end product, the development environment and production environment should be the same. Beyond the benefits listed in OS Environment, Windows also has great flexibility, which ensures quicker development.



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